Mr. Lemieux has litigated extensively in the field of firearms law in both criminal and civil matters. As a strong Second Amendment advocate, Mr. Lemieux relentlessly pursues fairness and justice in firearms cases to protect the fundamental rights of each client.  Mr. Lemieux has represented corporate and individual clients throughout Ohio on a wide range of issues including: firearms rights restoration, CCW appeals, FBI NICS appeals, municipal preemption, and all levels of criminal cases involving firearms.

Firearms cases often involve a careful analysis of both federal and state law and how each area impacts the issues at hand. At the Law Office of Ronald Lemieux, Inc., we maintain a cutting edge by staying current on federal and state legislation, recent case law development, and lobbying efforts at the Ohio General Assembly.   Not only has Mr. Lemieux made firearms laws a central focus of his practice, but he is also intimately familiar with firearms through his interest in hunting and recreational shooting.